Manoj KG

Owner & CEO

Information produces data, data produces knowledge, knowledge produces thoughts, thought produces ideas, idea produces actions, action produces habits, habit produces character, character produces personality, personality produces opportunities, opportunity produces destiny.

Life Giving News is a web-channel started with lots of creative intentions to offer you better information, data, knowledge, thoughts, ideas, actions, habits, personality to change your destiny.

Unlike any other channels main motto of Life Giving News is to spread only positive information which enrich everyone to improve their daily life.

Quality people always fed nutritious food for their body to keep optimal body health, similarly Life Giving News helps you support supreme quality of mental, physical and spiritual lifestyles.

Creation develops only in optimistic vibrant conditions, hence Life Giving News always be keen to vibrate your mind and spirit in an optimistic way to enable your creative mode.

We do not have an official structure or a signatory team to control Life Giving News, but anyone with an optimistic vibrant thought process can be part of this vision and mission to change this world a better place to live peacefully.

The Life Giving News can really touch you with a magical feather to turn your life colorful and successful, and that magical feather is your own positive attitude.

Come and join with us to convert every single person as a better person and thereby change this earth as Heaven!