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Hibusbus Chutney Recipe


ചെമ്പരത്തിപ്പൂവ് ചമ്മന്തി തയാറാകുന്ന വിധം

Hibiscus chutney


Hibiscus Flower - 5 nos (https://www.keralathanima.in/shop/hibiscus-flower-15nos)

Small Onion - 10 - 12 nos

Dry red chillies - 6 nos

Lemon - 1 nos

Seedless Dates - 8 - 10

Ginger - 1 small piece

Grated coconut – Half Portion

Curry Leaf - 2 bunch

Coconut oil - 1 teaspoon

Salt – as needed


Wash the hibiscus flower and sperate its petals.

Bake the small onion in flame.

Keep the pan in the stove and pour coconut oil. When it is about to boil add ginger, dry red chilly and curry leaf.

Add the hibiscus petals into that and mix well.

After ten mins in mixer jar add this cooked item along with small onion, seedless dates, coconut and salt and make it fine paste.

Now the Hibiscus chutney is ready to eat!

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