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Let’s try to unlock the mystery of man. Like the anatomical structure, a majority of us are not aware of the spiritual structure of man. To unlock the core purpose of human life, knowledge of the spiritual structure of man is essential. The spiritual nature of man is not based on the physical state of being, but the very existence of internal and external human life.

The Triple Nature of Man

A complete man consists of triple natures – known as spirit, soul and body. It is very important to understand the nature and functionality of each one of these divisions to unlock the purpose of human life.

To understand the nutshell this triple nature, assume that the man being a bulb where body is the filament, spirit as the electricity and soul as the light. Here light is the result of electricity when it comes to the filament; the soul is the result of spirit and body. It’s the electricity that produces light through the filament, it’s the spirit that brings the soul through the body. Like electricity is the source of light, spirit is the source of soul. Likewise filament is the physical part to exhibit light, whereas body is the visual part to exhibit soul.

Human Body

Body is the only visually existing part of the human for the physical identification of each individual on the earth, hence it’s very unique in nature and appearance. The body consists of elements and materials of the earth hence body requires the same materials and elements from earth to live on; along with the natural elements like sunlight and air. Since the human body is mortal after an age it goes back to its origin where it was made up off.

Today a good percentage of human life and efforts are spent on just to take care of the physical needs of the body and to maintain well being and existence.

Human Spirit

Like body is connected to the visible physical world, spirit is connected to the invisible spiritual world. Unawareness caused ignoring the most potential area of this spiritual world due to the lack of research and studies and led limited knowledge. Even after physical death spirit lives eternally hence spirit is immortal.

Today programs like spiritual meditation and divine encounters slowly developing and exploring the great potential of the spiritual world.

Human Soul

The soul is the controlling intellectual part of human and the functionality of our soul is based on the information and knowledge received and processed through various means. Soul defines the personality of every individual based on the attitudes and behavioural characters come out with the knowledge and
information everyone acquired and practiced. The soul is also immortal and after physical death soul joins with spirit and has eternal life..

Source of body, soul and spirit

Like any other creature on this earth, human lives on the earth with the body where the soul is an interface between spirit and the body.

As the existence of human body is based on food, water, oxygen, sunlight; spirit also has its own basic existing factors. The source of food, water, oxygen, sunlight etc is this universe from where the human body is also created. So the human body is always connected with the materials and elements of the universe, which is its source. Similarly, the spirit is also connected with a lot of
spiritual facts originated from a divine source which majority of us are not aware of.

The soul is developed basically on the information received from both physical and spiritual world through body and spirit respectively. Information from the physical world is through the five senses of the human body whereas the information from spiritual world is through the spiritual senses of man.

From a newborn, parents try to understand information by different sounds initially to making different noises, after that through sights by giving colourful toys, then by odour, by taste and by the combination of all the above through various means. Soul gets this information about the physical world through the five senses of the body, but the information through the spirit not activated because no one ever tried to understand the information related to spiritual world information spiritual level.

Like how a blind is not able to get any information through his/her visual senses, a deaf person will not able to get any information that is through sound, same way if the spiritual senses are not active, information about the spiritual world would also be nil.

Man is living perfectly (assumption) without this spiritual information and knowledge, then what is the significance of spiritual knowledge?

It is quite impossible for a blind to understand about the visual world even though if someone might explain wonderfully about the colours and sights. Similarly, it is impossible for a deaf to understand something about music notations and tunes. Likewise making understand about the spiritual experience and truth in the spiritual world will be a vain task unless the spiritual senses are active in an individual.

A supernatural experience illustrated below –
Mr. Beethoven was deaf but when his spiritual senses got activated, even though he was deaf, he could compose music through his spiritual abilities. Once the spiritual senses got activated such personalities can perform supernatural things that cannot be understood by an intellectual man having only physical world knowledge through body senses.

Lack of nutritional food weakens our body, lack of knowledge weakens soul and lack of spiritual wisdom weakens spirit and slowly leads to a dead situation. When our body parts are kept in idle condition for hour’s blood circulation slowdowns and get heaviness, gradually if that condition continues cells will be damaged, muscles will shrink and slowly body parts start dying, same about spirit too.

Identifying spirit and spiritual levels are not easy, but distinguishing body and soul will be very easy if we are aware of it.

to be continued….

Manoj KG

Owner and CEO
AEnon Technologies Pvt Ltd
Speaker at various international forums.