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All nature is working for the enjoyment and experience of the soul. All powers and all purity and all greatness — everything is in the soul. The highest heaven, therefore, is in our own souls; the greatest temple of worship is the human soul, greater than all heavens; for in no heaven anywhere, can we understand the reality as distinctly and clearly as in this life, in our own soul. We are all spirit, why is it we do not realize it? The Spirit is reflected in mind (soul) and in everything. It is the light of the Spirit that makes the mind (soul) sentient. Everything is an expression of the Spirit; the minds are so many mirrors. The Spirit alone is infinite. God is Spirit, is infinite; man is Spirit and, therefore, infinite, and the Infinite alone can worship the Infinite ~ Swami Vivekananda

Similar to Swami Vivekananda very few got enlightened about the core element of human life – the spirit. Those who obtained such a true revelation about the human life will be the real successful personalities and nothing of this world could stand against them.

Getting spiritual information through the components of the soul or body could be unattainable but can be obtained only through the spirit. If someone demands or claim alternative methods for the same, which would be like trying to get sound through eyes, vision through the ear, taste through nose etc.

There are lots of limitations in sustaining a balanced life through the wobbling emotions, deviating mind, fluctuating desires. Instead of being controlled by such vacillating factors of the soul, if the immortal spirit could take control of the whole life, the result will be an inimitable meritocratic success!

Knowing the spirit

The first look at someone could be the hair, nose or total figure so the physical characteristics define traits or features about the body, but known and addressed by a name. Even that name of the person does not belong to the body but for the spirit, hence not referring a dead body with a name. Human body completely putrefies after death, but the name of the person will be in use even after death because the spirit is immortal.

None of the material things such as sunlight, water or air etc is needed for the existence of spirit, but only a body to live on the earth. Spirit continues in an everlasting life in its original nature once separated from the body, hence spirit defined as immortal or eternal. Biological gender classification is possible only in the physical body, not relevant in spirit level; hence relationships responsibilities are not applicable in the spiritual realm. Death is the endpoint for all creatures except man. None of the creatures having a spirit, so for man death is a separation of spirit from body, and spirit continues its eternal life. Factoid traditional religious customs and practices enable the spirit to enter into a peaceful eternal life, hence having a lot of ritual ceremonies after death. The real fact is either the physical activities carried out during the burial ceremony nor the good or bad deeds of the person before death will not help the spirit in its eternal life.

Nobody has any control over the human spirit except the divine personality who created it, but the spirit of man is meant to control the soul and body according to the will of the creator. But the ignorance or unawareness about the spirit activated an alternative component called conscience.

Right and Wrong of Conscience

Decisions, emotions and desires developed through the knowledge acquired through the help of the five senses of the body. The human thoughts are being processed based on this knowledge, and such thoughts lead to an action. Human conscience is formed from such actions that developed through the thoughts. Later this conscience controls the desires, decisions and emotions, often bring guilty feelings and that varies from person to person depending upon the information gathered initially through the five senses. Hence good/bad decided by the conscience of each personality differ depending on the information obtained by each individual.

Since the conscience is developed based on the knowledge and information of various cultural and traditional practices, a matter of right in the sight of one person may be wrong for another one and vice versa. That means there are no static facts to define a right or wrong thing, but all developed through various information sources that differ based on the caste, religion, social, geographical culture etc.

So instead of learning right and wrong, identifying the real facts without considering the limitations of illogical ideas of cast, religion and social barriers will help to develop a unique personality. So rather than sticking on illusions of right and wrong, personalities can raise voice and react with realistic objectives, and such individuals make real histories.

Personality development, character formation and belief system of a newborn are directly proportional to the information sources through the five senses of the body. If parents and teachers are pessimistic and myopic visionaries, then such inadequate information from them prevents innovative thoughts and that leads to mental disabilities. Visionaries with imaginative innovation and extreme optimistic thoughts are real assets to the society.

By hearted inane knowledge of the academic and religious studies hatching a generation of inept personalities, causes a stagnant condition in all areas of life.

Basic Nature

All creations except humankind continue in the very same original nature – not sowing, reaping or garnering. Unlike the human being, none of the creations is pursuing additional training for a normal existence but continue in natural born abilities. Celebrating and enjoying every bit of life without any kind of botheration or fear about the future.

If other creations are continuing in natural wisdom how much more realistic human race should be. Agony and over concern about the future life, and selfish attitude caused deviation of human life from its original nature. Dreadful information of the corrupted world, fear of death, the anxiety of future, selfish thoughts etc are the major facts that deviated from the basic nature of man.

Since the conscience developed through such dreadful information, getting restored to the original pure nature, the existing conscience should be hammered with potential life concepts, and for that a divine life-giving origin is essential.

Believe it or not, the fruit of the tree of knowledge (information about right and wrong) mentioned in one of the holy books is this conscience, and the fruits of the tree of life are the divine information through the spirit.

Switching from conscience to the divine information through the spirit is the key point to know the mystery and purpose of human life.

Manoj KG

Owner and CEO
AEnon Technologies Pvt Ltd
Speaker at various international forums.