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Spiritual meditation is the one and only way to communicate to the true loving God, and it’s not at all possible through the five senses of the human body.

Like God is controlling and taking care the whole universe, man is created to control and rule over everything on this earth. Man is responsible for the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, the cattle, and the Earth itself, and every animal that moves on the face of Earth. So, God created human beings godlike, reflecting God’s nature.

But the powers of darkness defeated mankind and took over the control of this world from human and established dominion over everything. For example, in educational field, instead of teaching youngsters that man was originated from God, the truth was hidden by establishing another lie that man was originated from monkey. In food industry right from farming till the processing everything is chemical based which damages the human health.

In professional field, instead of training to excel with born talents, ideas are injected to get trained only for white collar jobs. In medical and pharmaceutical fields, millions are earned by killing human body inch by inch. Film industry makes profit by stirring up emotions in the reel life and later it ends up in causing calamities and violence in the real life. Like this, the power of darkness is very much visible in each and every field of this world that makes human life miserable. In short, the condition of man is like a mouse in front of a cat when the forces of the darkness control this world – man is forced to do whatever is imposed by these evil powers.

Human can overcome all these problems of darkness only when the real light comes in the hearts. To be frank, human worship such powers of darkness through religion without knowing the fact. In human made religious places such powers of darkness dwells, which can perform unearthly magic and gimmicks. Due to this, unusual power of such evil forces acts through people, manmade idols and other living creatures, so humans mistakenly think that these are gods and hence numerous gods exists with different names. When humans stop worshiping such evil powers, these evil powers show it’s real character and turns against people, causing lots of issues into the human life such as deadly diseases, mental problems, antisocial activities, repeated accidents in a certain place, violence, terrorism, so on and so forth. Ignorance of such evil powers that are like poisonous snakes is dangerous.

Only remedy is to bring the true light to overcome all such issues of the powers of darkness.

No need to bring out darkness, it exists by default. But we need to put effort to bring light in darkness. When there is light, the darkness fades out automatically along with the powers of darkness. Understating and accepting this fact is the basic step to start the spiritual meditation.

God is not a mere supernatural power or feel, but He is a person with supernatural abilities.

Since God exists in Spirit form, He can come and dwell in our hearts. So, during the spiritual meditation, God fills human hearts and dwells. Like a Sun that can reflect its image in water of many water pots, God can reflect His presence in every human heart. Man is so deeply influenced by the visual world through the five senses; humans tried to represent invisible God in his imaginations and built different types of idols of god. Since spirit of man is not activated, man is not able to experience true living God who is in spirit form. So to see and feel a visual God, man created idols and started praying and worshiping it. By utilizing this limitation of man, the evil powers of darkness deceived human by doing small wonders through these idols to attract man, and human started following such evil powers thinking its God. Through poojas and rituals, religious leaders can invite such powers into idols and religious places, and through offerings and customs, they can bring temporary blessings into human life, but if these routine breaks or stops, the result will be exactly the opposite.

But even though nothing has been done, the true God will be always providing the very best for human life and is not based on what is been done for God. The basic elements of human life cannot be generated or produced by human initiatives on a permanent basis, but all such things like air, water, light, food and everything is a gift from true living God and for that He is not demanding anything from human. Even if for such blessings God demand something human can’t meet that with the limited resource on earth.

Hence the spiritual meditation should be started with the understanding that the humans cannot please God with just human initiatives. Spiritual meditation is nothing but practicing human spirit to communicate with true living God as the human spirit is the only means to connect with the living God. In the initial stage it may be little difficult, but anything can be done through repeated trials. Do not depend on self-imaginations, expectations based on other personality’s experiences, for each individual God deals with unique way.

To start the meditation, choose a comfortable place where none is going to see or disturb – a closed room, a forest or a mountain area. Avoid things which disturb or grab attention such as mobiles, calling bell, telephone etc and make sure nothing is going to spoil the precious moments with the true living God. Keep clean, fresh and be pleasant, prepare body and mind for the meditation, then sit comfortably. Do not keep any time limit for the meditation as it can be extended to hours, so make that day completely free from all appointments. Be aware and acknowledge this is the time with the almighty God who created the whole universe, not like visiting a temple or church for physical and mental needs, this time is much more precious than spending time with anyone else in this world.

With this preparation, sit calmly, then relax body and mind, then try to avoid thoughts one by one that suddenly emerges from nowhere. Instruct mind by reminding that this is not the time for void thoughts or creative thoughts. Next few minutes will be the time of struggle to control these emerging thoughts; but do not worry, it is quite natural. Once you could control the thoughts, the very next thing is feeling sleepy and we may fall in a short or long nap.

to be continued….

Manoj KG

Owner and CEO
AEnon Technologies Pvt Ltd
Speaker at various international forums.