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As discussed already, the spiritual meditation is the two-way communication with true living God who is in Spirit form. Practicing to communicate with that Spirit God through human spirit may be hard initially because of our very own human intellect that may stand against it.

The spiritual meditation can be initiated only when a man could subside the intellectual logical thinking and once that can be achieved, the very immediate thing that may happen is getting in to a short/long sleep when the meditation progresses.

The posture for spiritual meditation is not at all important because even if we sit with a recommended decent posture; once a man loses the control of his mind, he comes out of the this posture without his knowledge and sometimes even may fall down like a dead body. Body and mind will be in the idle condition like a dead person and only spirit will be active. In the initial stage, most of the times the spiritual meditation could be for very few minutes but the experience and information acquired during that time will be more than one could gain in a lifespan. Spirit of the man is always connected with the spiritual world where there is no Sun or a Moon and hence there is no time frame which human intelligence cannot digest at all. So, very few seconds or minutes spent in spiritual meditation could gain more information and knowledge than on earth with the human mind and body. If we analyze good spiritual leader’s thoughts and speech, none of their ideas would be from any earthly written books but from the knowledge acquired through spirit during spiritual meditation.

Once spiritual meditation starts, it slowly progresses for long hours, from the morning to the evening but body or mind will not sense this duration; while waking up from the meditation, the mind may feel that the time spent was just 5-10 mins, but hours would have already passed by. In such occasions, supernatural realms may happen which is beyond human intellectual explanations.

Like in the body, the spirit could travel the whole world, may visit important personalities and spending time with them, may encounter things that is going to happen in the near future in this world or some specific countries and so on…

As progressing, slowly the spiritual meditation can be experienced in normal day to day situations too, which means there won’t be a need for a special time or place for the same. In a fraction of second, one can get into the spiritual realm and analyze situations with the spirit rather than with the intellect. One can get more extraordinary details and information of a particular thing or a situation through the spirit than getting through physical five senses.

Such makes someone supernatural in front of a common man, but it’s the normal living standard that God Almighty wanted to be for a human on this earth. Through such personalities God wanted to execute His plan and purposes on this earth in the likes of Jesus Christ or Mother Teresa for example, when living on this earth.

The heights of such spiritual life may not be digestible for human intellectuals since many have not seen such spiritual personalities so far (that doesn’t mean there are no such personalities currently living on this earth spiritually). Hence it is meaningless to explain things like going to a far country in spirit within a split of second and doing things there in spirit. Even though many are unaware of this spiritual world, NASA already started a wing to study about the spiritual world and have done much research with such individuals who live the spiritual life.

Few merits or advantages of true spiritual life can be explained if readers are interested in practicing and experiencing such a life, after reading this article.

  • Personalities living a truly spiritual life will not be part of any religion, caste or a political party.
  • Personalities living a truly spiritual life will not harm anyone with action or words, but always try to lead to the truth.
  • Personalities living a truly spiritual life will always protect the nature, trees, birds and animals.
  • Personalities living a truly spiritual life will always try to do good to others (not based on human
  • love, but based on divine love)
  • Personalities living a truly spiritual life can bring divine healing from sicknesses, bring peace during distress, bring light to people’s lives and solve personal and family issues.
  • Personalities living a truly spiritual life will not be living for their own personal life but for the fellow beings by all means assuming the role of the God Almighty on this earth, representing Him.
  • Personalities living a truly spiritual life can convey messages from God since they are always connected to the spiritual world which is divine.

Similarly, there are humans connected with the evil spirit and evil world too, does black magics, poojas and mantras to please evil spirits and brings extraordinary things which will be always deceitful. And with this same power of evil spirit, they can bring harm and sickness to people. This spiritual world of darkness is just opposite to that explained above. All calamities, terrorism, attacks, murders, sexual immoralities, anti-social activities, family curses, ancestral diseases, depression and suicides etc are all the result of such evil powers.

Through the punishment from government laws or human advice or counselling, people attached to the evil spirit cannot be corrected, the one and the only remedy is to bring light to such individuals with the help of humans leading a divine spiritual life.

So the spiritual meditation and life through the spirit are so much relevant in the present life situation in and around, to create a better place to live by representing God on earth. Like God

provides all good things to people without looking religion, caste and other human-made separations, these humans live connected with God can also demolish such man-made evil customs to bring every human under the governing of the God Almighty.

So pray like this, “Our God in heaven, reveal who you are through such humans connected to the divine spiritual world and life, through them set the world right and do what’s best as in heaven, so on the earth…

Manoj KG

Owner and CEO
AEnon Technologies Pvt Ltd
Speaker at various international forums.