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The Mystery Of A Mysterious Diamond

വെളിച്ചത്തിന്റെ പർവതം എന്നറിയപ്പെടുന്ന കോഹിനൂർ രത്‌നം

The Koh-i-noor, which means the mountain of light is said to be the largest, oldest and the most precious diamond ever found on Earth. The Koh-i-noor was discovered in the mines of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh in South India in 13 BC.

The first known owner of this diamond was the Kakathiya dynasty (famous dynasty of telugu region). There is an another minor side claiming that this diamond came from 16th century Golkhonda.

When Kakathiya dynasty was defeated by the Delhi Sulthanate, this diamond has taken by Allauddin Khilji (1310). Then Kohinoor came into procession of Mugals since Babur established dynasty and was with them for 200 years. During the period of Mugal emperor Shah Jahan, this diamond was placed in the peacock throne. Later when the Mugals lost the battle with Nadir Shah in 17 C , he processed this diamond and named it Kohinoor. Then this diamond was passed on to Ahmed Shah Durrani and to Ranjit Singh in early 1813. In 1849, the British won the battle with Sikhs and enforced Treaty of Lahore. Through this the British East India Company caught hold of Kohinoor under the supervision of Lord Dalhousie. Later this has shipped to Britain and was presented to Queen Victoria of England in 1850. Since then Kohinoor is in the royal family's procession.Recently the government of India, Pakisthan, Iran and Afghanistan claimed the ownership of this diamond. But this has been denied by the British government.
What makes this diamond special?


As mentioned, it is the largest diamond ever known. Kohinoor initially weighed 158.6 grams, ie, 793 carats ( 7 times larger than the present size). But it's weight was reduced to 37.2 grams (186 carats) because of the blue collared handling of a Venetian lapidary. The size of the diamond was further reduced  to 105 carats (21.12 gram) due to the order of Prince Albert (husband of Queen Victoria) before being embedded in the Queen's crown. Still it is the largest diamond.


It is the most precious/costliest diamond found in this entire mankind. Even though it's real value haven't been estimated till now, it had been given an average value of 12 Billion US dollars, ie, 86,000 Crore Indian rupees.


There also spreads a legend that it is the same Syamamandakamani form the time of Mahabharatha. Syamamantakamani is the most powerful jewel in the whole hindu mythology which originally belonged to the Sun God.

This jewel was considered to be the sole reason for the dazzling appearance of the Sun God. This jewel was later presented to Lord Krishna.


The unfolded mystery of Kohinoor is something that makes it more and more significant. It is known as a diamond of curse. Some people still believe it is superstitious, but, historical incidents prove that it's true. One ancient hindu text describes this diamond as:
"He who owns this diamond will own the world, but will face all the misfortunes.
Only God or a woman can pocess it with impunity"
There is a great line of historical incidents that prove it to be true;  from the defeat of Kakathiya dynasty to the shrinking of the great British Empire. This great piece of stone is still a wonder for the mankind. 

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