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Wheat Banana Fry Recipe


ഗോതമ്പ്‌ പഴംപൊരി തയാറാകുന്ന വിധം


Wheat powder – 1 cup (www.keralathanima.in/shop/whole-wheat-powder)

Egg – 2 nos (www.keralathanima.in/shop/country-chicken-eggs-nadan-eggs)

Sugar - 5 teaspoon

Elayka – 1-2

Ripped Banana – As needed (www.keralathanima.in/shop/etha-pazham)

Rice Powder - 1 teaspoon (www.keralathanima.in/shop/rice-powder-fried-1kg)


In the mixer jar add egg, sugar and Elayka, and paste it well.

Add this paste along with the wheat powder and rice powder and mix it well.

Add required quantity of water and make it loose paste. Keep this for 30 mins.

Cut the banana into thin long pieces.

After that keep the pan in the stove and pour coconut oil. Dip the sliced banana one by one into the paste and put in the boiled oil.

When it turns light brown color we can separate it from the oil.

Wheat banana fry is ready to serve !

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