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Triple Talaq Bill

Rajyasabha, the upper house of Indian Parliament has passed the Muslim Women (Protection of Right of Marriage) Bill,2019. Rajyasabha passed the bill by 99 votes in favor against 84. The bill commonly known as the ‘Tripple Talaq Bill’ was passed on 30th July, 2019.


Disposal of reference of amendment of the bill to the select committee has been rejected with 84 ayes and 100 noes. Out of 242 members, the NDA needs 121 for getting a majority. But the ruling NDA has 107 members in Rajyasabha. The NDA was also helped by the absence of some members of SP and BSP as well as those of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) and YSR Congress.

Men will be punishable by jail up to three years, when they goes to divorce. The Tripple Talaq Bill could not make it through the Upper house earlier this year. But it was passed by Loksabha during the first term of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s government. The bill was again passed by Loksabha last week The opposition parties commented that this law could be misused to harass whole Muslims.