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2nd Spiritual Health Awareness-27th July 2019


The second official program of Life Giving News was held at Edayarackal Residency, Neyyattinkara on 27-July-2019 from 10 am to 5 pm.

Around 30 members were attended the programme including adults & children. The introductory speech given by Mr. Manoj K.G to the audience about, why Life Giving News arrange such programmes to the people, the purpose of God about the present world and their vision and mission to the body, mental, spiritual health that they got from God. After the introduction, there were three sessions before lunch time-
1. Health awareness of BODY
2. Health awareness of SOUL
3. Health awareness of SPIRIT.
Through these three sessions conveyed the fact that, the well being of body, soul and spirit health together completes the true spirituality.

Our body contains our nervous system with nerves and the brain. It’s through our bodies that we connect to the physical world with our five senses, and we need to enrich the health of the body system. One scripture in Holy Bible that reminds us that our body is God’s temple. Our responsibility is to take care it in a healthy way. People were least bothered about their body health until they face some sort of sicknesses, but people think that advance prevention is better than cure. Here the health awareness of body plays a crucial role to understand quite lot of areas for the betterment of body health which we normally neglects in our busy life schedules.

More than physical well being the soul has to be very strong in this age of life because almost everyone is struggling with stress and strain. while talking about the soul fitness, Mr. Rahul Rajan advise that, each one could control their own mind with himself/herself. With an example he explained the mind controling technique. Also he explain the connection between spirit and body, the intermediate person is soul. If our body is need to communicate with spirit, the soul should be vacent or empty. While a man is failed to control the soul and its principles, that person finally end-up with body sickness. Majority skips or neglects the importance of mental health conditions in this fast pace life, but its time to realize the fact that humans are not machines.

Compared to body and soul, the most important part is the spirit of the man which is eternal, but no one even knows or understands that human is a spirit being. A normal person works hard to meet his and family needs related to body and soul, but never considered the everlasting factor, that is his spirit.

The most important thing about our spirit is how we treat our spirit as such. Pastor Ajeesh Mathew gave a detailed study about the health of human spirit. Also he said the layerd structure of Body, Soul and Spirit. In our life,The King should be the Spirit. The mastor is Soul and the servent is Our Body. When God created man, the body, soul and spirit of man was very much perfect, if any of this has problem or defect that imbalances the completeness of man in Gods perspective. The Holy spirit is not a power, but it is a person. The Holy Spirit has power just as a person has power. The spirit desides the action, through the instruction from the soul, the body should perform that action is the major prespective of God about a human being. So through the Life Giving News events we are bringing perfection in all these three areas of human life, so that man can stand before God in his prefect condition as he was created.

In the coming days we will be conducting more such programs and events to enrich human life as desired by God.

Mrs. Shiny S.S

Life Giving News