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3rd Spiritual Health Awareness-23rd August 2019


Life Giving News proudly presented the third spiritual health awareness program on 23rd August, 2019 at Edayarackal Residency, Neyyattinkara.

After the registration, program started at 10:00am and people take off this program with great interest More than 25 people attended in this proud moment of Life Giving News.

The introductory session was taken by Mr. Manoj K.G the founder of Life Giving News, he shared the overall details about the program and about Life Giving News. He highlighted the topic ‘the fullness of God in human life’. God has a plan for every human being, but no one realizes God’s plan for them. They approach God only for their problems and issues. He also mentioned the fact that, a human being is healthy only when his body, mind and spirit is in good condition. But today we do not give much importance for all these areas, always running behind busy schedules to make money. God gives everything to live in this world free of cost but we are greedy. In this spiritual health awareness program we are learning how to improve the health of body, soul and spirit through proper knowledge.

Dr. Midhula Ajeesh presented the topic ‘Human Health’ on the basis of naturopathy. She shared a lot of information that we normally do not care in our everyday life. In Ayurveda, human body is separated in ‘swaasthavridham’ and ‘aathuravridham’. A healthy body which has no illness is called swaaasthavridham and an unhealthy human body which can neglect the illness is called aathuravridham. Now a day’s people are too busy and having no time to waste for healthy food, and hence always depend on junk & fast foods, which damages our health very badly. This habit will make lot of health problems and thereafter most of the life style diseases. But we can prevent these issues by creating a healthy environment and healthy food habits.

Mental health is an important thing in human life. Today in the busy life style most of us has stress and strain in job, personal life, family life, social life etc. It affects our thinking, our deeds, our physical areas and so on … If we have a good mental health, we can do many creative things, irrespective of age constrains. Mr. Rahul Raj covered an informative session about soul health.

The last but the most important session was taken by Fr. Ajeesh Mathew about spirit world, and how God’s Spirit & man’s spirit are connected together. He shared the difference between reality (physical world) and truth (spiritual world). The spirit of man is always healthy and perfect since it is part of God in us. So to be healthy in soul and body, we need to have an efficiency to bring the perfectness of spirit into body and soul.

When God created man, he was perfect. But then he became corrupted with evil wisdom. Through Life Giving News, we can help you to fulfill the perfectness of God in you.

Mrs. Shiny S.S

Life Giving News