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Anpu Nilayam Visit–22nd August 2019


We have learned that parents are our visible God. And most of the religion says we have to respect them. But today people are very busy and selfish with their own limitations and hence separating parents from their life. People are evil minded to think that parents are burden in the life and no time to protect or take care them.

To escape from personal duties and responsibilities towards parents, the society created alternative system called ‘Old Age Homes’. Parents are protected and taken care by paid and voluntary organizations.

On 22nd August, 2019 we have visited an old age home people at Cheruvarakonam. There were almost 30 inmates and everyone were waiting for our arrival to open they heart and mind with us. They hardly get visitors from outside to spend time, so we have seen happiness in their eyes.

Most of the staff are dedicated and passionate in caring the old people. We have noticed that all rooms, buildings and surroundings were clean and hygienic. The inmates do small time passing works like small farming (vegetables and fruits) for their needs.

We have spent lot of time with them and heard their painful stories from their dear and nears. Some of them were thrown out by their children just for money. From their eyes we could see the thirst for love and care even though they have all physical material blessings.

Most of them encourages each other and spending time in singing and sharing personal knowledges they have gained all these days. So we have also joined with them in singing and experience sharing sessions. When we about to leave from there, we have seen their tearful eyes, and we could not also control our emotions in front of their sympathetic situation. Such visits give lot of lessons that no one else can teach through academic syllabus.

Mrs. Shiny S.S

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