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CSI Balabhavan Visit–31st August 2019


On Saturday, 31st August 2019 we, the members of AEnon Technologies PVT LTD have visited CSI Balabhavan, Kollam. There were almost 46 children having age group from 5 to 15 and everyone were waiting for our arrival to open they heart and mind with us. They hardly get visitors from outside to spend time, so we have seen happiness in their eyes.

The team reached the orphanage at around 5:30 PM. The children of CSI Balabhavan were very pleasantly excited to receive the members. The student volunteers greeted them with great enthusiasm. There was huge smile on the faces of orphanage children and they were very happy to engage with them. The team members also met the caretaker who was busy in helping the children to do various activities. They distributed snacks and sweets to the children.

The student volunteers interacted with the children and helped them with their daily exercise. They also engaged them in various sports activities like cricket, football and badminton. All the children looked so excited and joyful. On this occasion, AEnon technology PVT LTD Company CEO Mr. Manoj K.G deliver the God’s message and Managing Director Mr. Rahul leads the worship section through songs and prayer effectively. At the end of the section each student come forward and open their heart and mind to the leaders, and get individual blessings from them.

The team spent a little over three hours with the children of CSI Balabhavan before saying goodbye to them. It was indeed very satisfying experience for the students as they could bring smiles on children’s faces however for a brief period. They realized that one must contribute and understand his social responsibilities towards society and the importance of spiritual growth in their lifestyle.

Mrs. Shiny S.S

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