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Childrens Home Visit–22nd August 2019


Loneliness can feel by many reasons, but if it makes in children it seems to be very sad. Loneliness in children make struggle with their studies, playing and other activities too. Loneliness is the painful issue to solve, it makes children lazy. Normally children feel loneliness from parents, is harder than their surroundings (friends).

We have visited CSI Balikamandiram home, at Cheruvarakonam there around 50 girls staying. The inmates there are from different backgrounds; some of them have only single parent, few others have no parents and some has nothing to live. At the home they are happy by the grace of God. We have realized the peaceful and lovable atmosphere in the home, staffs over there are cooperative and sincere. Inmates get all facilities including nutritious and healthy food. The purpose of this home is to develop the children with love, care and also with homely atmosphere. Children are academically and spiritually very sound.

On 22nd August, 2019 our team of Life Giving News visited there to spend a day with them. We have arranged a health awareness program conducted by Dr. Midhula Ajeesh and a Spiritual Health Awareness program by Father Ajeesh Mathew.

Mrs. Shiny S.S

Life Giving News