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Jail Day-Closing Ceremony


The closing ceremony of Jail celebrations Inaugurated by Sri O Rajagopal (MLA), and the chief guest were Sri MR Rajagopal ( Padmasree), Smt Athira Madhev (Actress).

The closing ceremony of the jail celebrations were colorful and all the guest speakers congratulated the effort that the jail officials and jail inmates. Everyone appreciated the farming and gardening in the premises of the jail. With the help of MLA the sub jail got am ambulance vehicle for their emergency use, for which they were trying and waiting from long time.

MR Rajagopal told they could extend their palliative care.activities for the jail inmates too. MLA asked the jail officials to provide spiritual awareness and support for the inmates in weekly basis.

Jail officials honored all the previous jail superintendents and Vimal Sebastin for their contributions for the jail and inmates. It was so informative for Life Giving News to understand many things inside the jail this time too.

We have departed from the jail after enjoying their delicious  and grant love feast.

Mr. Manoj K G

Owner and CEO
AEnon Technologies Pvt Ltd
Speaker at various international forums.