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A Health Awareness Program (ചൈതന്യപദം ) was conducted on 8th July 2019 at Govt Boys H.S.S Neyyanttinkara.

The principal’s introductory speech was encouraging and value-added session, and the presence of other teachers were also helpful to assists the program. Almost 60 students participated in this program. The Managing Director of Life Giving News Channel Mr. Rahul Rajan gave an introduction about the channel and the importance of the health awareness program in this age. The children were excited to understand this concept and trilled when they knew this program will be telecasted through online channel. He introduced each of the directors of the channel and explained about the importance of Health. After his introduction he invited Dr. Midhula Ajeesh to take the rest of the sessions.

The main topic was about how to maintain a perfect health and what we should do for the same. Through jokes and funs, she could make them understand the importance of physical health and environmental health. Children were also participated dynamically in discussions questions asked about their health knowledge. In between few students asked their doubts, and the doctor could clarify all of them.

In the physical health, doctor mainly focused on the food habits to maintain optimal health. Among that the most important advice was having food after the sunrise and before the sunset. Another advice was to consume more natural fresh fruits and vegetables by avoiding processed and junk foods. Doctor emphasized that the conception of processed and junk foods is the main reason for the life style diseases like obesity, cholesterol, cancer etc. While eating another important thing that we should follow is to chew the food items 20-30 times before swallowing it. Doctor reminded them to drink plenty of water throughout the day, but should not drink water while eating.

Doctor didn’t forget to inform the students the items that should be eliminated from their diet and what has to be included as a substitute for the same. Example, sugar must be avoided completely and jaggery can be used. The session was very informative and interesting for the students to improve their physical health. After the session students had a lot of doubts and doctor clarified most of them.

Finally, two students came forward to tell their feedback about the program. According to them, they could learn a lot of new things from this program, and they are waiting to have more such events from Life Giving News channel. The event ended with a conclusion speech of the founder of the channel Manoj KG.

Mrs. Shiny S.S

Life Giving News