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School Event-Kadinamkulam


The event was titled - Mental Health Awareness program was conducted at Kadinamkulam LPS school few months back, and 62 members could attend including the teachers and students.

After the first session in the school, a relaxation trip also arranged to the Technopark food-court and Kumaranasan memorial park for the fourth-grade students with the presence of respective teachers.During the first session the messages were given through short stories and games. Through active participation in the games and events, the students could grab all the ideas that we have intended to convey to them. Teachers also whole heartily supported our team for the success of this program. Few parents participated and accompanied our team was certainly an encouragement for us to conduct this program successfully.

It’s very important to have programs like this in the schools for the overall betterment of the students instead of following only academic syllabus. Even though the academic programs are very powerful the practical knowledge that needs to be acquired to face the day to day life challenges are very important, and that can be gained only through programs and events like this.

Mental health and mind capacity to take challenges in life bring the real achievements and success stories that never gets through mere academic excellence. Instead of giving keen focus on job oriented academic studies, we should able to mold the born talents of the students.

Before crossing the age seven we should able to tune the mind of a child to take up challenges in life by crossing the boundaries of academic barriers, and such pupil can make history. We should create the habit of seeing big dreams in students and later that becomes great visions of their life.

In the coming days we will be conducting more such programs and events in schools and academic institutions to enrich human life more fruitful.

Mrs. Shiny S.S

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