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Spiritual Health Awareness-5th June 2019


The first official program of Life Giving News was held at Edayarackal Residency, Neyyattinkara on 05-June-2019 from 10am to 5pm

The event was titled - Spiritual Health Awareness. Including adults and children, 32 members attended the program whole heartily and got blessed by the grace of God. After the introduction there were three sessions in the morning - health awareness of body, health awareness of soul and health awareness of spirit. Through these three sessions conveyed the fact that, the well being of body, soul and spirit health together completes the true spirituality.

People were least bothered about their body health until they face some sort of sicknesses, but people think that advance prevention is better than cure. Here the health awareness of body plays a crucial role to understand quite lot of areas for the betterment of body health which we normally neglects in our busy life schedules.

More than physical well being the soul has to be very strong in this age of life because almost everyone is struggling with stress and strain. This soul related issue finally end-up with body sickness. Majority skips or neglects the importance of mental health conditions in this fast pace life, but its time to realize the fact that humans are not machines.

Compared to body and soul, the most important part is the spirit of the man which is eternal, but no one even knows or understands that human is a spirit being. A normal person works hard to meet his and family needs related to body and soul, but never considered the everlasting factor, that is his spirit.

When God created man, the body, soul and spirit of man was very much perfect, if any of this has problem or defect that imbalances the completeness of man in Gods perspective. So through the Life Giving News events we are bringing perfection in all these three areas of human life, so that man can stand before God in his prefect condition as he was created.

In the coming days we will be conducting more such programs and events to enrich human life as desired by God.

Mrs. Shiny S.S

Life Giving News